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Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

Amrita Chaudhuri

“I am satisfied with Topicure Pet totally... my complain with the other sprays was that due to the Spraying (the fizz sound) it was difficult to use on stray dogs but the Topicure Pet is much more improved and easy to use too, For me it's a 5 star product.”

Nandita Subbarao

“I keep trying various brands of dog chews -- the pale-yellow ones with chicken flavour, orange ones with mutton flavour and maroon ones with beef flavour. The dogs have their preferences about brands and flavours, but I find that they like the taste of the entire range of Bites the best!”

Anuradha Gupta

“I applied it with my own hands and saw all the dirt come out. Her fur was also softer after I had cleaned her with the solution & it also gave a good shine to her fur.”

Sirjana Nijjar

“She has a lot of redness and itching. She kept on licking her stomach and under her legs. It was red and sore. After applying the spray she stopped licking right away. And the redness was considerably reduced in 2 days. She is completely healed now. I rate Reliflam 10 out of 10...”

Shreya Mathur

“Sometimes after injuring themselves, cats hide their pain and it comes to our notice only when it is badly inflicted... this boy was bit by a dog, I guess, and had a deep bleeding wound. The Vet said it would take a month to heal and it would require dressing every day. I started using Topicure Pet from Natural Remedies and within one application the bleeding stopped, and it took just one week to heal. The best part is you can use it safely as it’s herbal.”

Rosie Paul

"My kids beg for these treats as they just love it' The biggest fan of these treats as they enjoy it to the core.”

Mitali Carroll

Mitali Carroll "I don't know what to give him when Orthoron finishes. It's just amazing. It gave some amazing results. Guddu is doing much better now. I’m giving Orthoron once a day as you said. Thanks a lot guys. Guddu is doing fine after feeding Orthoron.”

Rekha Prasad

“One of my dogs has very sensitive skin, so he scratches till he bleeds, and I just had to use it twice on him wherever he had scratched and after the first time, he stopped scratching. The smell is also very soothing, to humans as well.”

Jeraz Masani

“There is significant improvement in her walking, that is for sure. The product is excellent. We constantly keep her weight in check which is about 34-35 kgs and see that she doesn’t become overweight. Doctors had given away hopes of her walking, but her condition is much better now thanks to Orthoron. I wish you and your team good luck and best wishes for coming up with these effective products for our pets. Many Thanks”

Shivangi Dey

“Your product turned into a soft foam. It was easy to apply and wipe off. It just took me a few seconds to clean them in this harsh winter. Thanks a ton.”