Bathe Me Dry FAQ’s

  • What is the quantity required to for bathing of one dog with Bathe me Dry? 

The quantity required is dependent on size and breed of dog; however 20g is sufficient for medium size dog. 

  • Whether it helps in getting rid of ticks, mites and fleas? 

Directly it does not act on them, but its regular use is certainly going to reduce the chances of them. 

  • Where it should be avoided? 

It can be used all over the body, except mucus membrane areas, natural orifices. Also avoid it in case of inflamed and irritated skin. 

  • What to do if it goes into pet’s eye? 

Wash with plenty of plain water, if problem persist contact veterinary doctor. 

  • Whether we can use it on wounds? 

It can be used at all other areas of body but not on wound. 

  • In general, what is the cycle for rinse/wet bathing of dogs? 

Cycle for rinse bathing depends on breed and outdoor activity of dog. However, on an average one month cycle is recommended for rinse bathing. 

  • Whether it can be used on puppy? 

Yes, it has been tried on 20 day old puppies, it is safe for them. 

  • If my dog licks his body after applying Bathe Me Dry, will it be harmful for him? 

No, Bathe me dry is a natural product, it does not have any side effects even if the dog licks it. 

Note: Before a bitch comes to heat, they lose lot of hair. This should not be misinterpreted as side effect of our Bathe me Dry shampoo.