6 Tips for Dog Walk

  1. Walk in front of your dog: Dog should be behind you or beside you during walk. You should be the first to come out of home and first to enter after walk.
  2. Use short dog leash: Short leash will allows you to have more control and command over dog.
  3. Give enough time for the dog walk: Morning walk is ideal for dogs and it should be 30 minutes to an hour. Needs of each dog differ, so it’s good to consult your vet.
  4. Reward your dog during the walk: Reward your dog after a proper walk. Reward your dog by allowing him to lighten himself and sniff around.
  5. Lead him, even after the walk: Don’t stop leading even after getting back to home. Let your dog wait patiently while you take off your shoes or put away his leash.
  6. Reward your dog after the walk: Reward him with meal after the walk, this will allow him to work for food and water.