Dog General Care Tips

The best way to take care of a dog is to know about it as much as you can before having it as a pet. This is important because caring for a dog is a great responsibility, which includes dog’s social, dietary and health-related needs. You need to be well prepared in order to train your pet dog. Following are some tips that will help you in keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Give proper attention to your dog’s diet as avoid feeding it a low quality dog food. Although poor quality dog foods are inexpensive, however it badly affects the health of your dog. Always feed your dog a high quality, well balanced, nutrient rich dog food to ensure proper digestion, and avoid dog food that contains artificial preservatives, colors, or chemical flavoring.


Exercise plays an important role in keeping the dog healthy as obesity related health problems can be avoided by incorporating exercise into your dog’s daily routine. Brisk walking for thirty minutes or an extended period of playtime is ideal for your dog’s health.


A number of dogs require grooming at least twice a week, whereas some long-haired dogs may need grooming frequently. Check eyes, ears, teeth and nails of your dog during the grooming process as early identification of a health problem can save your pet from a fatal medical condition.

Veterinary Care:

It is extremely important to get your pet dog checked by a veterinarian at least once a month. If money is the issue then it is best to invest in pet insurance for your dog. Pet insurance mostly covers some or all of your veterinary bills as well as covers emergency procedures.